Weekly Payroll Tax Worksheet

The Payroll/Income Tax Worksheet is an spreadsheet that is designed to help you calculate Federal Income Tax 941 payment based on your weekly payroll totals. You can simply enter the information and the spreadsheet will calculate the totals for you.

This spreadsheet does not automatically calculate the % of payroll tax that you need to pay. You must calculate that information yourself as each company has different multipliers. However, it makes it easier to add up the totals of all federal payroll taxes and provides you with a quick reference sheet that you can use to keep track of your weekly numbers.

Download Weekly Payroll Tax Worksheet

weekly payroll tax spreadsheet excel

Weekly Payroll Tax Worksheet

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  1. I need some help. What I am looking for is a way to log my husbands paystubs so we can keep track of his wages and taxes paid in. He works for his family and we discovered this year that his wages and tax withholdings did not match his w2. They hand write the pay stubs and checks with no year to date on them. Does anyone have any idea where i can locate something to help keep track ourselfs to avoid this problem this year.

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