Address Book Template

The Free Printable Address Book Template is a simple document you can use to print and write in address book information.

The Address Book contains eight pages in an alphabetical order that can be easily duplicated if you need more room for your addresses. Besides contact information, the form provides room for 6 addresses, multiple phone numbers (home, work, cell) and email addresses.

Download Address Book Template – Word

Download Address Book Template – PDF

address book template document and pdf

Address Book

5 Comments on “Address Book Template”

  1. I am actually looking for a simple program to create a pocket size printable address book for my parents. Something compact to carry in a purse, but with data input, then printed, as opposed to writing info. Your format is great, but I want to be able to update and reprint occasionally. Any suggestions?

  2. EXACTLY what I needed! Whole, 8.5″ x 11″ sized sheets are perfect for putting into the binder. Pages are divided by alphabet groups, but there is more than one letter per page (although this would be editable with some time and effort). It was editable in MS Word and prints out beautifully. Thanks for saving me so much time in NOT having to reinvent my own forms!

  3. It’s perfect…. except that it would be even MORE perfect if downloadable as an Open Office document, for those of us who don’t have WORD at home (yes I know, sacrilege, but really, consider that some of us are trying to resist the great Microsoft takeover).

  4. Nance: it is possible to enter text. you can scale it down for purse/pocket size =)
    Jennifer: I’m a HUGE Open Office fan and this opens quite easily in it. The beauty of open office is that it opens microsoft formats flawlessly. if yours doesn’t try updating your software. I hope this helps =)
    Samplewords: Thanks for this, saved me the time of making it myself =D friendly bit of advice, you may want to state that its open office compatible ^.^

    ~All the best to all

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