Vehicle Mileage Expense Log


The Free Printable Vehicle Mileage Log can be used to track mileage of your business vehicles for tax or other business tracking purposes.

The printable vehicle mileage log in Adobe Acrobat PDF format is designed for you to print out and keep in the vehicle so you can enter your starting and ending mileage by hand.

The additional link below to our Premium Vehicle Auto Expense Form is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that includes columns for date, odometer start/end, trip miles, purpose/description and total. The spreadsheet version will auto calculate the total mileage at the bottom.

Download Vehicle Mileage Expense Log

Premium Vehicle Mileage Expense Log – Excel for $3.97

vehicle mileage expense log

Vehicle Mileage Expense Log

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29 Comments on “Vehicle Mileage Expense Log”

  1. Sue Reading

    I’m using this simple, clean-looking mileage log. I’ve tried others and I’m happiest with this. It’s easy on the eyes and easier to use. Thanks.

  2. Kristine Storie-Peterson

    This is a great log. I will be using this starting next week to keep track of all of the traveling going on with sales in the field. Thank you for posting it.

  3. Go2dmax

    I really enjoy using this mileage log. I’ve put it in a small binder and keep it in my car makes it easy to use. Thanks!

  4. Andrew

    Great template, nice and easy to use. It took all the upfront work away from my having to create one myself. It went to work within minutes of downloading.


  5. Michael

    Very nicely designed. But I wish that the heading was editable. The far right side would be a good place to record gasoline purchases (or other auto expenses). A person could simply enter the OD as the same number for beginning and end (so as to not mess up the mileage calculations) and then record where you purchased fuel and the amount in that far right corner. This way, at the end of the year, you’d have the total to compare to the mileage. It would also be nice if there was another field for amount of fuel purchased. This would allow a person to calculate average fuel economy.

  6. slimjam

    Great way to record your mileage but I wish you could add more rows and change some of the wording… It is all protected and cannot be changed without a password. Is there a way you can do this? It would be great!

  7. Sunny

    Fabulous log.Thank you.I went through one IRS audit and now keep one all the time.

  8. Charlene

    You must be kidding – an excel spreadsheet file for $1.99? You get iPhone-Apps for that price which export in whatever format you want!

  9. admin

    Developers can afford to price iPhone Apps at low prices because Apple provides a marketing platform that reaches billions of people.

    As it is, you can make the spreadsheet yourself. Depends on what your time is worth. For $2, we give you a good start. And of course, we do provide about 400 other documents on this site for free, which we think is a good price.

  10. admin

    95% of our documents are free. Of course some are quick, but for anyone experienced with Excel it just saves the hassle of creating it. Others who aren’t good at Excel, take much longer. Some of our documents that are free, took quite a bit of time to put together.

  11. Bullitt

    Why can you not enter and see double digit dates (10/12/12) in October, November & December. I tried to widen columns but you can’t. You should at least allow some format changes or 3 months are rendered useless.

  12. admin

    I’m trying to replicate the problem and I can’t see it. The date shows up fine for me. Just the same, I’m able to widen the column and/or change the font size to ensure the date shows up.

  13. admin

    Even though that is 10 years old, it should not freeze column width. You can check to see if the document is somewhow protected. If not, then change the font size so it shows up. If it still isn’t working, then we will give you a refund.

  14. Bullitt

    It is protected, I’m not looking for a refund. I’ve already spent a day filling it out and had no issues until I got to the Months with 2 digits. Is there a way to unprotect it?

  15. Bullitt

    I’ve tried it on two different computers running different versions of Excel and no way to change fonts or cell sizes. Is the file corrupt?

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