Travel Checklist

The Free Printable Travel Checklist is designed to help you remember everything you need to prepare and pack for business travel or vacations.

The list includes over 100 tasks and items that you should consider when preparing to travel. This document serves as a useful tool for both reminder of items you may need as well as a checklist track what you’ve packed/completed.

You may also want to check our Premium Travel Expense Form in Microsoft Excel format that will organize and auto calculate travel related expenses for business.

Download Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Premium Travel Expense Form – Manage your business and travel related expenses using this Microsoft Excel Form.


3 Responses to “Travel Checklist”
  1. Ally says:

    can you add a things to do list

  2. Jeff says:

    This is a good list. Here are a couple “essentials” that could be added:

    -Bank / Credit Card info and phone numbers in case of theft

    -Travel size disinfectant spray

    -Multivitamins / Airborne (especially useful when traveling to foreign countries)

  3. Clay says:

    - Power converter, small power bar or outlet expander

    – Coffee mug/Drink container