Teacher’s Attendance and Roll Book

Teacher's Attendance and Roll Book

The Teacher’s Attendance and Roll Book is designed for keeping classroom attendance records on a monthly basis. The roll book page is intended to be printed for each month and will keep records for 26 students. Use your own key to identify attendance-related events such as entering “A” for Absent or “T” for Tardy and “N” for No School. This … Read More

General Contractor Agreement


General Contractor Agreement template for use by general contractors to enter a contract with a client for construction services.

Consulting Agreement Contract


The general consulting agreement contract is a contract template that can be used by a company for hiring an external consultant to perform a specific task.

Resignation Letter Sample


A good resignation letter is the formal way to quit your job.  This Resignation Letter Sample can be used as a template for creating a letter to inform your employer of your resignation. Unfortunately, there are occasions where you have to leave your current job.  Most of the time, it’s for a better job, but its to your advantage to … Read More

Daily Schedule Template


The Daily Schedule Template can be helpful for organizing and tracking your daily tasks and activities within your daily schedule.

Order Form Template


This order form template provides a sample order form for a small business to use to track sales order information. If your small business starts selling products, you will need to track those product orders from the customer. The form can be downloaded and printed and attached to the product order. This sample order form template includes blank areas for … Read More

Wedding Budget Template


Wedding Budget Template provides a form for filling out information expenses to track and organize when planning a wedding. This wedding budget template includes two columns for actual and estimated expenses. Sections include reception (dinner, music, entertainment, rentals), attire (tuxedos, dresses, wedding gown). Also smaller section for rings, decorations, gifts, music, photography, transportation and stationery. Wedding Budget

Project Budget Template


Project Budget Template is a detailed budget form that allows the tracking of all budget expenses and funding. This can be a critical aspect of a business when trying to find the cost and benefit of a project.

Business Budget Template


Business Budget Template to allow businesses to track expense and budget for future revenue and expenditures.

Proposal Letter Sample


Proposal letter sample is a letter template that can be used for proposal for a business proposition or event. This proposal letter sample provides a heading to put your business information. There is also an area for date, from and greeting. The introductory paragraph provides a template to put your company information. In this proposal letter, the body of the … Read More

Employee Handbook Template


Employee Handbook Template is document that includes company policies and can be modified and used to give to a new employee. An employee handbook is generally used to define the guidelines of employment. This employee handbook template is a 27 page detailed document that has a section for policies, equal opportunity, harassment, classifications and other procedures. You can use this … Read More

Employee Review Form


Employee Review Form is a formal document that allows employees to officially review employee performance. This is a 16 page document that can be used as a template to create an employee performance review. The template form has four sections that include company values, employee self evaluation, manager review, overall rating, recommendation, and certification. You can use the employee review … Read More

Profit and Loss Report


Profit and Loss report is a template can be used by a small business or corporation for creating a P&L statement as for tracking revenues and losses.

Inventory Tracking Worksheet


Inventory Tracking Worksheet template can be used as a spreadsheet to control and track inventory. This worksheet includes fields for units received, units distributed, stock, PO#, item name and invoice numbers. The heading at the top of the inventory tracking worksheet allows to include the business name, month / period and total units. Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet

Balance Sheet Template


Balance Sheet template is a form that can be used to create a small business balance sheet.

Company Profile Template


Company Profile Template document can be used to provide information about your company, business or organization. This template includes separate areas for company name, address, accreditation and employee data. There is a corporate section for listing board of directors, senior officers and record of shareholders. The template also has a section for latest financial profile, business abroad and summary of … Read More

Simple Job Description Template

Simple Job Description Template

This one page simple job description template is created for small businesses with a need to keep record of all positions in the company on hand.

Driving Record Check Letter Template

Driving Record Check Letter Template

When hiring for any type of job that requires driving a motor vehicle, it is always best to perform a check on a potential employee’s driving record.

Congratulations Letter Template

Congratulations Letter Template

A congratulations letter is the ideal way to acknowledge when an employee or colleague has achieved something of mention.

Fired Explanation Letter Template

Fired Explanation Letter Template

If you have previously been fired from a position and are currently applying for a new one, it may be difficult to explain why you are still a valuable candidate and should still be considered.

Basic Cover Letter Template

Basic Cover Letter Template

When sending a resume to a potential employer, it is always a good idea to send a cover letter along with the resume.

Resignation Letter Template

Resignation Letter Template

After accepting a new position at a different company, it is common courtesy to send a resignation letter to your current employer notifying them of your job change.

Contractor Agreement Template


This contractor agreement form template provides a fill in the blank document that can be used by a small business. This is a simple contract that defines the working relationship with your company and the independent contractor that will provide a service to your company. Download is courtesy of Entrepreneur.com. (see Disclaimer). Download Contractor Agreement Template

2007 Monthly Calendar Template


The Free printable 2007 monthly calendar template is a one page document that provides the rows and columns to create a printable calendar page for any month of any year.

Collection Letter Template – Final Notice


The Free Printable Sample Collection Letter is designed as a letter template that can be sued by the accountant or accounts receivable department to assist in collection of overdue accounts. This version of the collection letter template serves as a final notice and in it’s nature is a more demanding. Download Collection Letter – Final Notice – Word

Collection Letter Template – Second Notice


The Free Printable Sample Collection Letter is designed a letter template that can be used by the accountant or accounts receivable department to assist in collection of overdue accounts. This version of the collection letter template serves as a second notice, which is a more stern warning then the original collection letter. Download Collection Letter – Second Notice – Word

Collection Letter Template – Initial Notice


The Free Printable Sample Collection Letter is designed a letter template that can be used by the accountant or accounts receivable department to assist in collection of overdue accounts. This version of the collection letter template serves as an initial notice, which politely reminds the account that they are behind in payments. Download Collection Letter – Initial Notice – Word

General Resume Template

general resume template

Free Printable Resume Templates can be used to help you get started writing a professional quality resume. The statements used in this template are basic and intended to provide an idea of how to write a statement about their experience. Like any resume template, you will need to include your contact information and your actual work history. Use this as … Read More

IT Resume Template


The Free Printable Resume Template is for IT (Information Technology) professionals and can be used as a starter template for any professionals in the technology, science, research and technical career category.

Executive Resume Template


Free printable resume template for professionals in executive positions. Download and begin creating your executive style resume using this template immediately.

Job Application Letter Template


The Job Application Letter is used as a cover letter in response to a direct job posting and tends to be a little more detailed regarding work history.  Generally speaking, there is no real difference between a standard job cover letter and a job application letter.

Interview Thank You Letter Template – Version 1


The free interview thank you letter is a sample letter template that you can modify and use to send to the employer after a job interview. It is generally accepted as proper etiquette to send a letter to your interviewer to thank them for the opportunity as well as communicating to the employer that you are still interested in the … Read More

General Business Letter Template


The Free Printable General Business Letter is a letter template that can be used for sending a formal letter for business or personal reasons. This basic business letter template provides users with a sample of the formal business letter format, structure and style with basic instructions on how to design and create the letter for multiple scenarios. Download General Business … Read More

Customer Thank You Letter Template


The Customer Appreciation – Thank You letter is a sample letter that can be used as a basic letter template when a business wants to send a sign of appreciation to a loyal customer. This thank you letter is a general letter that provides a sample format, style and sentence structure. Download Customer Thank  You Letter Template – Word

Customer Complaint Letter Template


The Customer Complaint Letter is a basic sample complaint letter used to respond to a company regarding their product or service in order to charge a complaint as a customer. This free business form is a letter template for small businesses. These letters are intended to put your complaint or issue in writing, and solicit a response. At times, issues … Read More