Job Application Letter Template

The Job Application Letter is used as a cover letter in response to a direct job posting and tends to be a little more detailed regarding work history.  Generally speaking, there is no real difference between a standard job cover letter and a job application letter.

The free printable job application is also know as a letter of application.

As you can see in the template, the job application letter includes an introductory paragraph that includes information about the job advertisement. The letter then describes how the job requirements fit the job seeker’s qualifications. In this letter, the writer also provided a summarized list of previous job positions along with education. The letter uses a standard closing paragraph.

Make sure to change the heading, personal information and include information about who the job position should be addressed to if that information is available and listed within the job advertisement. Also, like all cover letters, don’t forget to include your resume as an enclosure or an attachment in an email.


Download Job Application Letter Template – Word

Job Application Letter


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