How To Write An Apology Card/Note

Apologies that are made, either in person or written, are the most genuine forms of saying you are sorry for a certain offense or mistake. Specific occasions that call for an apology may include business, billing or financial issues; damage to someone’s property; misbehavior or damage by your children; hurtful or insulting remarks; or failure to keep an appointment, payment schedule, promise or appointment. We have included some guidelines to follow when writing an apology letter.

  • Mention the specific reason why you are sorry.
  • Offer to make amends and list the different possible ways that you may be able to rectify the situation.
  • Be sure to tell the person that you will do your best to make sure this situation does not occur again.
  • Try not to be overly dramatic.
  • Make sure that your apology does not imply that the error was somehow the other person’s mistake.
  • End the letter or note by asking for forgiveness, or in a business context, ask them for continued patronage.

Here are some suggestions for what to say:

1.       “I hope you will excuse my thoughtlessness.”
2.       “Please accept my sincerest apology for my horrible behavior.”
3.       ” I hope you can forgive me for my serious lapse of good taste.”
4.       ” I will make certain that this does not occur again.”
5.       ” We hope that this situation can be mended to everyone’s satisfaction.”
6.       “Thank you for your understanding and patience while we resolve this matter.”

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