General Resume Template

general resume template

Free Printable Resume Templates can be used to help you get started writing a professional quality resume.

The statements used in this template are basic and intended to provide an idea of how to write a statement about their experience. Like any resume template, you will need to include your contact information and your actual work history. Use this as a guide to develop your own statements of responsibility while highlighting achievements.

This page includes a basic resume template that can be used for any job position. The main resume section also includes links to additional resume templates for management/executive professionals and information technology professionals.

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Download General Resume Template – Word

General Resume

This resume template is provided in the common .doc format that can be immediately downloaded and edited for your personal use. Click to highlight and then replace the sample material from the template with your own resume material. Pay attention to what is contained in each section of the template. This document will help to guide you through the process of creating a resume all your own. Template is pre-formatted with sample material that should be removed or replaced.

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    This is good. I’m going to teach a small class about resume-writing, and this will make it easy to get across. Thank you very much.

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