Classroom Attendance Calendar 2012-2013

Classroom Attendance Calendar 2012

Teachers use our Classroom Attendance Calendar to record student attendance for the complete school year. This calendar begins in August 2012 and ends June 2013. This printable form is a free download. This teacher’s attendance sheet will accommodate up to 27 students and may be used for quarters, semesters or the entire school year.

This calendar is used to record absences and tardy occurrences. When a student is present there is no entry necessary. Enter the name of each student to the left and perform attendance daily. Missing students are shown on the attendance chart by a thin, vertical line inside the space represented by that day. Each week is shown, and spaces exist for a mark on the corresponding day of the week. The date in the top row is Monday’s date for each week.

Document Template Information
Download Classroom Attendance Calendar Here
Requires ®Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software
License: For Personal Use, Not for Distribution

To Use The Class Attendance Calendar: Fill Absent or Tardy days with a vertical bar representing the day. To reduce erasing it is recommended that pencil is used for Absent entries, and red ink used for Tardy by filling in over an absent line after the student arrives. A thin, single line between date marks is far easier to identify later, and discern absent entries for consecutive days. If you make a mistake on a calendar entry it can be noted at the bottom of the sheet, or a new sheet can be reproduced in a matter of minutes.

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