Child Profile Card

Child Profile Card

The Child Profile Card was created as a free form to assist in maintaining proper identification information for children in the event that a child may someday become missing or abducted for any period of time.

This form can be used by any parent or educational facility to keep a thorough record of your child’s personal information. This is helpful for identifying the child and may be used to communicate health concerns or other information to a care giver.

This form includes personal contact information for both parents, distinguishing marks and features for the child, and a spot for the child’s fingerprints to be documented.

We hope that this child profile sheet becomes a physical record of your child as they grow up, which can be re-printed and updated at any time for free. In the tragic event of a missing child, however, the information contained on this form could be a life saver.

Download Child Profile Card

Child Profile Card

Child Profile Card

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  1. I love this document. My husband and I have three children; daughters. One has had several times in her life in which she has been a part of an attempted kidnapping at four different times in her life. She is only four and a half years old! This will make a great addition to our family notebook. Thank you for creating this document.

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