Business Plans

Printable business plan

Developing a Business Plan is one of the very first steps to creating a new business or making a considerable change to an existing business.  Here we’ll provide the guidelines for putting together a printable business plan. These should be kept in a safe place and reviewed periodically to maintain the original focus of your business.   Your business plan should … Read More

How To Write An Apology Card/Note

Apologies that are made, either in person or written, are the most genuine forms of saying you are sorry for a certain offense or mistake. Specific occasions that call for an apology may include business, billing or financial issues; damage to someone’s property; misbehavior or damage by your children; hurtful or insulting remarks; or failure to keep an appointment, payment … Read More

How To Write a “Get Well” Card/Note

When you know someone who is ill, having surgery, or has been in some type of accident, it always a thoughtful gesture to send a “Get Well” card or note to raise the person’s spirits. Finding the right words to express your sympathy for their illness or injury is key when sending this type of message. See our guidelines below … Read More

What To Write In A Birthday Card

Acknowledging a friend or loved one’s birthday is always a thoughtful gesture on their special day. While buying a card is always a great idea, writing a personalized message inside is a wonderful way to express your affection for that person. If you have a hard time verbally conveying the message you would like to, see our guidelines below. Be … Read More

What To Write In a Graduation Card

Whether you are graduating from high school, college, or a vocational program, it is always a big accomplishment. And as always that big accomplishment should be acknowledged by sending a “Congratulations” Card. Finding the right message to fit this exciting occasion can be difficult. See our guidelines and examples below to help you write a memorable graduation message. Start the … Read More

What To Write In A Wedding Card

Getting married is a huge step as well as a very joyous and exciting occasion. Sending well wishes to the happy couple is always good etiquette if you have been invited to the wedding or cannot make the event. If you are having difficulty finding the right, personal message to add to a wedding card, see our guidelines and suggestions … Read More