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Personnel & HR sub-category includes common employee documents, personnel forms, blank job application forms, evaluation documents, and other human resources forms that can be useful in organizing personnel in a professional office or business settings. Forms for use in Human Resources and administration.

  • Employee Warning Notice

    Employee Warning Notice

    The employee warning notice is a form that is primarily used by business management or human resource departments to discipline […]

  • Business Event Log

    Business Event Log

    Document times, incidents, and actions taken with our free business event log form. This form is available in a Microsoft […]

  • Resignation Letter Sample


    A good resignation letter is the formal way to quit your job.  This Resignation Letter Sample can be used as […]

  • Employee Grievance Form

    Employee Grievance Form

    When business office policies are not followed, or an employee wants to file a grievance against another employee, detailed documentation […]

  • Employee Separation Checklist

    Employee Separation Checklist

    When an employee separates from a company, it is always important for the company to make sure it takes the […]

  • Supply Requisition Form

    Supply/Equipment Requisition Form

    Purchasing systems can be made much easier when documentation is submitted for supply or equipment requisitions from employees.

  • Employee Handbook Template


    Employee Handbook Template is document that includes company policies and can be modified and used to give to a new […]

  • Employee Review Form


    Employee Review Form is a formal document that allows employees to officially review employee performance.

  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement


    Employee Confidentiality Agreement is a premium form that can be used for employee non disclosure.

  • Expense Reimbursement Form


    Expense reimbursement form template for employees to track expenses and submit for reimbursement

  • Reference Letter Template


    Reference Letter template for an employer to write a form reference letter for their employee.

  • Drug Testing Consent Form

    Drug Testing Consent Form

    Many companies now test all new employees, or employees that may be operating heavy machinery for drug and alcohol usage […]

  • Printable Fax Cover Sheet

    Printable Fax Cover Sheet

    This printable fax cover sheet can be used for any type of business. It serves as a formal opening document […]

  • Goal Planning Worksheet

    Goal Planning Worksheet - Page 1

    This goal planning worksheet is a great solution to help any type of employee set professional goals for themselves and […]

  • Employee Directory and Contact List Form

    Employee Contact Form

    This personnel and organizational form is produced in Microsoft Word, and allows addition of all required information such as date […]

  • Simple Job Description Template

    Simple Job Description Template

    This one page simple job description template is created for small businesses with a need to keep record of all […]

  • Job Description Form

    Job Description Form - Page 1

    When running a business, it’s best to keep a formal record on hand documenting each job position and a thorough […]

  • Driving Record Check Letter Template

    Driving Record Check Letter Template

    When hiring for any type of job that requires driving a motor vehicle, it is always best to perform a […]

  • Receipt of Employee Handbook

    Receipt of Employee Handbook

    This Receipt of Employee Handbook is offered in a PDF format for businesses who want confirmation that the employee has […]

  • Employee Performance Appraisal

    performance appraisal form

    This Employee Performance Appraisal form is a basic, single page .pdf document that provides a fill-in-the-blank assessment of the performance […]

  • Employee Travel Expense Report

    Travel expense report sample file JPG

    The Free Employee Travel Expense Form is a single page .pdf document that provides a fill-in-the-blank form that is used […]

  • Weekly Timesheet – Premium

    Premium Weekly Timesheet

    Keeping track of employee hours is a very important part of running a business and overseeing staff.

  • Weekly Schedule

    Weekly Schedule

    This weekly schedule can be used by any type of business to schedule employees in order to cover all shifts.

  • Job Transfer Request Form

    Job Transfer Request Form

    This job transfer request form can be used by any employee or business to submit a request to transfer to […]

  • Phone Interview Questionnaire

    Phone Interview Questionnaire

    This two page phone interview questionnaire can be used to screen potential candidates for a job opening prior to bringing […]

  • Exit Interview Form

    Exit Interview Form

    This two page exit interview form is to be used by any supervisors, managers or human resource departments when conducting […]

  • Work Safety Checklist

    Work Safety Checklist

    This work safety checklist is designed to keep you and and your business running safe by making sure all of […]

  • Hour Calculating Time Sheet

    Hour Calculating Timesheet

    This time sheet can be used by any type of employer to assist their employees to keep track of hours […]

  • Sign-In Sheet

    Printable Sign-In Sheet

    This printable sign-in sheet can be used by any organization, business, or individual to track attendance for any type of […]

  • Attendance Sheet

    Attendance Sheet

    This printable attendance sheet is to be used in professional or academic environments by managers or teachers to track attendance […]

  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form

    Direct Deposit Authorization

    This printable direct deposit authorization form is to be used by businesses or independent contractors to authorize direct account depositing […]

  • Job Interview Form

    Printable Job Candidate Interview Form

    This printable Job Candidate Interview Form is to be used by small businesses, independent contractors, or individuals to review and […]

  • Emergency Form

    Emergency Form

    This free printable three page emergency form – contact form can be used in any type of business or personal […]

  • Employment Verification Form


    The Free Printable Employment Verification Form is a spreadsheet that is designed to be used to organize employment verification information […]

  • Appraisal Form


    This is a fairly generic appraisal form designed to give an item name, description and estimated retail value of any […]

  • Employee Self Evaluation Form


    This self evaluation form is designed for the employee to fill out and grade themselves on various basic aspects of […]

  • Employee Handbook Receipt


    The employee handbook receipt is small form that can be held in the employee’s personnel file that the employee signs […]

  • Employee Application


    Employee Application is an information sheet that can be used for an application for employment.

  • Daily Time Sheet


    The Daily Time Sheet is a Microsoft Word document that can be used by small business to track and organize […]

  • Job Position Filled Letter


    The Job Position-Filled Letter is designed to be used to send a reply to job applicants that are not offered […]

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