October 2015 Calendar with 3-Month View

October 2015 Calendar Template

The October 2015 Calendar Template is a free Adobe Acrobat PDF form for download. September and November 2015 mini calendars are included at the top left and right. Check mark boxes allow you to mark key dates. You can enter auto resizing text into the date boxes in the main calendar grid. There is extra space for notes or comments … Read More

Cease and Desist Letter Template

Cease and Desist Letter Template

Here you will find a template for writing a legal cease and desist letter. These letters are common and used by lawyers to formally request an individual or organization stop their actions. There are a number of reasons to request a cease in a desist. You may notice that someone is copying your written content. A business may be creating … Read More

WebSite Terms of Use Template

website terms of use template

Every website needs a set of rules that enable the site to provide their content, products or services within the boundaries set by the site owner.  Even search engines look for terms of use pages as one of their ranking factors. The terms of use page should include information that also helps you control user permissions on your site. This may apply … Read More

Arbitration Agreement Template

arbitration agreement template

Use this template system to design your own arbitration agreement to ensure that future legal issues can be resolved without going through the court process. Arbitration hearings are often much faster and cheaper than resolving disputes through the courts and legal proceedings. These hearings are usually simple, efficient and ensure privacy between parties involved. You can quickly create a free … Read More

Accounting Contract – Template


If you are an independent accounting consulting or a company that hires third party accounting contractors then you will need a formal contract. This template provides standard terms and information that you find in this type of legal document. The contract includes names, locations, addresses and contact information about all parties involved including licensing information and term of the agreement. … Read More

Tear Off Flyer Template

tear off flyer template

Creating a printable sales flyer with tear off tabs is a simple and effective way to market a local service.   We’ve all seen them hanging in post offices, on bulletin boards and in other high-traffic places.  The reality is that advertising doesn’t always have to be expensive and out of reach for local service providers. While “Main Street” isn’t producing … Read More

Business Legal Forms


The Business Legal Section includes the most popular business legal forms that are used by small, medium and large business, partnerships or corporations. The Business Finance section includes legal forms related to business compliance issues such as corporate documents, resignations, consent and waivers. General Contract legal documents include agreements for deals, business, join ventures, memberships or terms of use. The … Read More

Printable Incorporation Forms

incorporation forms

There are multiple legal forms needed to start and conduct business as a corporation or Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). We suggest beginning with a printable articles of incorporation form. At first glance, the idea of incorporating your business seems rather daunting.  Many legal forms are available to help you during the incorporation process and while running your corporation.  These forms … Read More

Eviction Notice

samplewords document

An Eviction Notice is a notice used by a landlord to notify a tenant that he or she intends to terminate the tenancy and remove the tenant from the property. A landlord is required to give a tenant proper notice before the eviction process can begin. Serving an Eviction Notice is a required first step in order to evict a … Read More

Business Partnership Agreement

Business Partnership Agreement

Business partnerships are complicated relationships that must be managed with complete documentation.   Regardless of who the partnership includes, there are issues of ownership share, profit share and survivability that at one time or another can cause a complication within the workings of a business partnership.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that any type of partnership in a business be fully … Read More

Care Authorization Form Sample

Authorization of care form

Care authorization is often required when the responsible, custodial party is away or unable to assume the responsibility of care for a dependent person. Please note that there can be broad differences between the legal requirements of each state. This care authorization form is provided as a general guideline as to what the minimum of information is required in these … Read More

Quitclaim Deed

Free Printable Quitclaim Deed

This free printable quitclaim deed, also referred to as a quick claim deed or quit claim deed, is a document commonly used for transferring title, right, or claim from one person to another.  Use this document as an example or template. You can use a quit claim deed if you’re transferring ownership, gifting property  or making other changes to the … Read More

Employee Warning Notice

Employee Warning Notice

The employee warning notice is a form that is primarily used by business management or human resource departments to discipline an employee. The form first outlines what type of warning the employee is receiving.  Next, the form asks what offense was committed.  This notice allows space for an action plan to be put in place to help the employee improve, … Read More

Business Credit Checklist


Business credit is the lifeblood of any company whether large or small. By establishing and maintaining a positive business credit profile you’ll avail your business to lower interest rates, more options for loans and notes as well as numerous other credit advantages. There are high numbers of business owners that don’t properly understand all of the facets of achieving a … Read More

Business Plans

Printable business plan

Developing a Business Plan is one of the very first steps to creating a new business or making a considerable change to an existing business.  Here we’ll provide the guidelines for putting together a printable business plan.  These should be kept in a safe place and reviewed periodically to maintain the original focus of your business.   Your business plan should … Read More

Residential Lease Agreement

Real estate lease

A Residential Lease form is the standard document used to define the specific rights and obligations of a landlord and tenant relating to a residence.  You can find the information that you’ll need in order to have a printable lease document in your possession within about 20 minutes here. The Residential Lease is a legal contract that addresses all aspects … Read More

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

If you are ready to refinance your home it is a good idea to determine how much you will save in mortgage interest over the term of your mortgage. It also good to know your savings over the term of home ownership. The following mortgage refinance spreadsheet will help you to determine the real value in refinancing your home.This mortgage … Read More

Business Event Log

Business Event Log

Document times, incidents, and actions taken with our free business event log form. This form is available in a Microsoft Excel format for easy customization. It’s necessary to keep track of events that occur throughout the business day, whether you are a commercial business, educational facility, or business office. With our Printable Business Event Log, we make it easy to … Read More

Daily Observation Log

Daily Observation Log

Download, print and fill out our Daily Observation Log PDF form to keep track of events, actions or just about anything that happens during a work day. There are many circumstances where observations need to be documented for professional or educational reasons, including security companies and scientific labs. Our daily observation log was created specifically for this purpose. This form … Read More

Basic Business Guestbook

Basic Business Guestbook

Our basic business guestbook is just the form to use when you want to monitor visitors to your business. Whether the visitors are arriving for a meeting, coming to look at your merchandise, or visiting a resident at a group home, keep an accurate record easily with our form. With multiple places to sign-in, columns for name and sign-in time, … Read More

Printable Donation Receipt

Printable Donation Receipt

When running charitable fundraiser events or non-profit organizations, keeping track of donations is key to a successful program. And since most donations are tax-deductible, most donors want detailed receipts of their contributions. We have provided a free printable donation receipt that can be used for these tax and business tracking purposes. Our form allows space for the donor information, affiliation, … Read More

Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary Template

Download our Printable Trip Itinerary keeps all of your travel plans and reservation numbers in one convenient spot while on vacation or business trip.

Resignation Letter Sample


A good resignation letter is the formal way to quit your job.  This Resignation Letter Sample can be used as a template for creating a letter to inform your employer of your resignation. Unfortunately, there are occasions where you have to leave your current job.  Most of the time, it’s for a better job, but its to your advantage to … Read More

Employee Grievance Form

Employee Grievance Form

When business office policies are not followed, or an employee wants to file a grievance against another employee, detailed documentation is required to handle the situation appropriately. We have created a thorough form specifically for this use. The employee grievance form outlines the employees information that wishes to file a grievance, what event led to the grievance, who was involved, … Read More

Employee Separation Checklist

Employee Separation Checklist

When an employee separates from a company, it is always important for the company to make sure it takes the proper security measures and obtains possession of whatever property the employee has prior to their final day of employment. Our Employee Separation Checklist can ensure that every step is complete prior to the employee leaving. Our form includes every major … Read More

Printable Equipment Checkout Form

Printable Equipment Check-Out Form

Keeping track of company inventory can be an important part of maintaining the bottom line in a business setting. That is why it is always important to maintain accurate records of which employees are using which pieces of equipment and when. With our printable equipment checkout form, you can document who checks out what items. The date and time can … Read More

Vehicle Gasoline Log

Vehicle Gasoline Log

Due to rising fuel costs all over the world, monitoring your personal fuel usage can be a good way to help budget and save money. Our vehicle gasoline log provides you the platform to be able to do that. The vehicle gas log allow you to record the mileage of the vehicle, amount spent on gas, gas mileage, and amount … Read More

Supply Requisition Form

Supply/Equipment Requisition Form

Purchasing systems can be made much easier when documentation is submitted for supply or equipment requisitions from employees. That is why we have provided a simple Supply Requisition Form for employees to fill out when they are requesting a specific item for their job duties. This form details the employee requesting the item, their purpose for the item, when it … Read More

Cash Flow Worksheet


This Cash Flow Worksheet is designed to help monitor complex transactions that track expenditures and keep you updated on your cash balances.

Customer Satisfaction Form


Customer Satisfaction Form is a customer satisfaction survey template that can be used for clients to fill out and return to your business. This form includes an area for a log and company information with a separate section for customer name and project information. The survey template includes several basic questions regard the project or product in question. The survey … Read More

Daily Schedule Template


The Daily Schedule Template can be helpful for organizing and tracking your daily tasks and activities within your daily schedule.

Order Form Template


This order form template provides a sample order form for a small business to use to track sales order information. If your small business starts selling products, you will need to track those product orders from the customer. The form can be downloaded and printed and attached to the product order. This sample order form template includes blank areas for … Read More

Personal Financial Statement


The Personal Financial Statement form is a 2 page template designed for individuals to download and fill out to declare their financial position when applying for credit. If you’ve ever tried to get a business loan, then you know that you helps to get your finances organized. This document will help you put together a formal list of your finances. … Read More

Fundraising Letter Sample


Fundraising letter sample is a letter template that can be used if you are organizing a fundraising event. This sample letter provides text and content that are helpful when trying to generate funds for an event.

Project Budget Template


Project Budget Template is a detailed budget form that allows the tracking of all budget expenses and funding. This can be a critical aspect of a business when trying to find the cost and benefit of a project.

Business Budget Template


Business Budget Template to allow businesses to track expense and budget for future revenue and expenditures.

Proposal Letter Sample


Proposal letter sample is a letter template that can be used for proposal for a business proposition or event. This proposal letter sample provides a heading to put your business information. There is also an area for date, from and greeting. The introductory paragraph provides a template to put your company information. In this proposal letter, the body of the … Read More

Employee Handbook Template


Employee Handbook Template is document that includes company policies and can be modified and used to give to a new employee. An employee handbook is generally used to define the guidelines of employment. This employee handbook template is a 27 page detailed document that has a section for policies, equal opportunity, harassment, classifications and other procedures. You can use this … Read More