Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a contract between a buyer and a seller over an item of property. This is the best way to show who is liable in case of a “surprise” after a sale. It is a way to make sure all issues are handled, discussed and agreed upon before all sales are final. This can be used by any individual who is selling anything, including furniture, equipment, vehicles, or property.

Please note that this is a sample bill of sale which could be used for trivial or low value transactions. Please consult your attorney for specific terms and conditions regarding the transfer of any property of any significant value. Use of this form is at the sole risk of the user in the absence of an attorney.

The Bill of Sale Form is among the most popular forms offered by our partner RocketLawyer.  There’s no cost to create a custom bill of sale form using RocketLawyer, and it is guaranteed to be legal in your state.  To create your custom  Bill of Sale Form Click Here!   Keep in mind that this type of form is intended to protect you from future issues regarding something that you sell and transfer.  A document such as this can be used to limit any liability or hassle you may experience as a result of selling something by disclosing clear sale terms.

Download Sample Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale

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